How To Stop Nervous Sweating

by Bri

Hey guys, love your site. I bought your book and I’m starting to follow “Mechanic Method” – it’s great.

My question is about nervous sweating.

Usually, I am a very confident person. But I do sweat a lot. I always try to wear white so people won’t notice but I want to wear something different.

Whenever I get nervous, just like that I start sweating. I have tried many things but nothing works out.

At school I sweat and I dont understand why. My friends don’t sweat and I dont get why they don’t and I do.I just want to know why I sweat when nervous and how to stop nervous sweating.


Answer from Chris:

i Bri,

Thanks for the question. We get a lot of questions about how to stop sweating when nervous and I’d like to point you to some resources that can help you.

The first thing I think you should check out is an article we wrote recently called “Anxiety & Sweating” – anxiety isn’t quite the same thing as nervousness, but they’re in the same family.

Many of the tips we talk about in that article will help your nervousness.

Another thing that you should check out is an old newsletter article we wrote called “How To Break The Vicious Sweat Cycle

The “Cycle” is exactly what you’re experiencing. It has 5 parts to it and generall goes like this…

    1. You notice you’re starting to sweat
    1. This makes you nervous
    1. This causes more sweating
    1. More sweating makes you more nervous
    1. You end up REALLY sweaty and REALLY nervous

I believe you’ll like that one.

Thank you for buying our book and I do hope that you figure out how to stop nervous sweating.

Please check back in with us and let us know how everything works out.



Chris & Josh


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