Excessive Sweating Body Odor Question

Author: Connie
Location: Illinois

Hello I have an excessive sweating body odor question.

Man, I’m so stessed out over this “problem” I do believe it is aprocrine hyperhidrosis.

I’ve tried just about every remedy known to man, i.e. different supplements such as zinc and chlorophyll, to enzymes to break down the protein and other edibles, and I have tried different soaps, deodorants, even going to a dermatologist.

This excessive sweating body odor has caused me so much stress in my life and I’m willing to try other remedies if it will stop the odor so I can actually have a social life and go to Church more often without worrying about am I going to offend anyone with the odor. If there is any way you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

God bless you and thank you for your time. I also take different medications, but even doctors seemed baffled. S.O.S!!!!

Reply from Josh:

Hi Connie,

I’m really sorry that this has caused you so much stress. I do have a couple of recommendations for your excessive sweating body odor challenge.

1. Try a thorough hyperhidrosis detox. We have written about hyperhidrosis detoxing here. That article is pretty comprehensive, but there’s an even more comprehensive plan in our book which you can find here.

Also, while you’re doing your detox, be sure to exfoliate your underarms using a natural loofah. You can find natural loofahs all over the place online. And lastly (this is going to sound a bit weird) SKIP all deodorants/antiperspirants while you’re detoxing.

2. Try some mental exercises. Things like meditation and hypnosis have actually helped stop BOTH excessive sweating and body odor in many cases that I have heard of (including mine and my brother’s). Read more about mental exercises for body odor.

3. Try Thieves Dentarome Plus. Check out this article about a product that has worked for somebody in your situation — somebody that had tried a bunch of things unsuccessfully.

Again Connie, I’m so sorry to hear about your problem. I sincerely hope that you can use these tools along with others to improve your situation.

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