Found something that works for Bromhidrosis

Author: Anonymous

I finally found something that works for Bromhidrosis!

I am like many others who sufferred from this condition. I tried everything from alcohol, various soaps, various deodorants, botox and laser hair removal. Nothing worked!

One day I was in the vitamin store and saw a zinc margarite cream. I thought I would try it because I read somewhere that zinc might help this condition. I tried this cream under my arms and it helped, but it had a tint in it and would stain my clothing.

I went on-line and found a margarite pill that I take and it really controls the odor. Also, (this may sound strange but again on-line someone wrote about a herbal tooth-paste they use under the arm and it helped with the odor.

It is called Thieves Dentarome Plus found at Both these products have caused my daily struggle with odor to end. I want to share this information in hope that it will help others because I know the embarrasement of having no control over B/O although you are a very clean person.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how exactly do you use both of these products? please email me at crzybeau87 @ thank you 🙂

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