Excessive Sweating 7th Grader Needs Help!


Hi there,

I sweat a lot and school is about to begin. I bought a neat deodorant but I still sweat. What tricks can I use to hide the sweat until school is over?

Also, will I smell a lot because I sweat?

I’m going to 7th grade i can’t take any more embarrassments! Please tell me what to do.

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One response to “Excessive Sweating 7th Grader Needs Help!”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    You’re in luck! There are some teen sweating tips and strategies that we have learned that have been very helpful for many teenage sufferers of hyperhidrosis (i.e. heavy sweating).

    You can find a lot of in-depth information in the Teen Sweating area of the site, but here’s some starter stuff…

    1. Visit the doctor about teen sweating. This is important for several reasons. Mainly, it’s because that this sweating can be one of two things: It can be completely natural and harmless, OR it can be as a result, a side-effect, of some more serious condition.

    That’s the main reason the doctor is important, but also because they can usually give you something that reduces the sweating.

    I know it can be embarrassing to have to talk to your parents about it and stuff, but just get over it. Nobody is really going to care, and if anything, your parents want you to be healthy and happy.

    The doctor will probably give you a prescription antiperspirant called “Drysol” that will probably stop your sweating. Drysol’s an antiperspirant that’s stronger than the ones available in the store. Learn more about Drysol.

    For the time being, before you get to go to the doctor, there are some things you can do to hide it a bit. Just to prevent the embarrassment that you were talking about.

    An excellent trick to hide sweating is to use sweat-shields.

    These are cheap and effective. They are basically little absorbent cloths which you stick to the insides of your shirt to soak up the sweat before it appears on the outside. They work well, depending on what type of shirt you wear.

    Second, is to avoid wearing certain colors. The best colors to wear are black and white. The worst are light blues and grays. Also, be mindful of the fabric that you’re wearing. Cotton takes much longer to dry that synthetic fabrics and polyesters.

    These two things should help you out pretty significantly, but there are a lot of other cool things teens can do to prevent the embarrassment associated with Teen Sweating.

    I’ve already written about all the stuff, so I’m just gonna’ send you to the Teen Sweating area of the site to learn more!

    Hope this helps,

    Chris Mechanic

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