Emergency Sweat Fix – Better for Girls

Author: Anonymous


Have you ever had an emergency sweat situation where you like reallly need to take care of your sweating problem quickly?

Here’s an emergency solution — kind of works better for girls than for boys.

I’m a sophomore in high school and absolutely hate the fact that i cant wear what i want to. Anything but black shirts and jackets show sweat stains that i have actually becoming quite talented at hiding.

ANYWAY, the other day I had to wear a tight gray shirt as a uniform for a competition (the worst!) and i came up with the idea to make my own sweat pads.

I just took a regular pad (sanitary towel), cut it in half and stuck it inside each armpit of the shirt. It was a life saver!!

And now i use them more often. Sure, its a bit weird it one were to fall out or something, but if you ever need a quick fix, sweat guards work like a charm 🙂


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