Drysol Stopped Working! What Should I Do NOW?

My Drysol stopped working all of a sudden! It was working for a while, but I forgot one time and used a regular deodorant. Now, Drysol doesn’t work for me anymore. What should I do?

Answer from Chris:

Hi there. Don’t worry, Drysol stopped working for me at one point too. I didn’t use another deodorant or antiperspirant, it just stopped working somewhat randomly and I had no idea why.

I’ve heard a lot of other people saying that Drysol stopped working for them too. It seems that at some point your sweat glands just start getting used to the specific aluminum formulation used.

Here’s what you do:

1. Completely stop using Drysol and get another antiperspirant like Odabanto use.

2. SWEAT! Your sweat glands are currently clogged up. That’s how antiperspirants work, by literally plugging your sweat glands with the aluminum. By sweating, you can clear them up. You can get really sweaty by exercising or going into a sauna or steam shower.

3. Scrub! As you’re sweating, or even if you’re not sweating, really, it can help unclog your glands to scrub. Scrub pretty hard, so that your pits turn red, but not too hard.

4. Use Odaban. For a few weeks, if Drysol stopped working, switch to Odaban. Odaban’s really unique in the way that it works and you may find that you actually stick with it permanently over Drysol. But one way or the other, use it for at least a few weeks.

5. Re-evaluate. At this point, it’s likely that Odaban will be doing the trick and you’ll be fine. If not, wait a few days and let your underarms readjust, then switch back to the Drysol.

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