Drysol For Facial Sweating


Can Drysol be used for facial sweating without harm to skin or cause of aging?

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One response to “Drysol For Facial Sweating”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello there,

    Great question. A lot of people wonder about using Drysol for facial sweating. I’ve never tried it myself. The main reason is because I have very sensitive skin on my face. I actually have a condition where my face gets flaky and scaly if I don’t use a certain lotion on it.

    BUT, I have heard of people using Drysol on their face. A lot of them reported side-effect of dryness, itching, and general irritation. Some of them said that it goes away quickly. Others say that it becomes chronic and causes them to stop using Drysol all together.

    A few recommendations I have for you…

    1. Try it. Get a bottle and try it. Apply it at night. The day after the first application, you’ll likely have some irritation, but test it just to be sure. If you have irritation, wait for it to go away before applying the Drysol anymore. Once it goes away, apply it again, but this time, use less product. Take note of whether or not you’re irritated the second day. If you are, it’s probably not a good idea to keep using the Drysol. But there’s another solution…

    2. Odaban. This stuff works similarly to D-Sol but it’s formulated more carefully and causes significantly less skin irritation, while still being a powerful sweat-stopper. It used to be available only through prescription but now can be purchased online at Odaban.com.

    (They won our ‘Quest For The Best’ Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant Award!)

    There are some other things you could potentially look at too as sweat-solutions. Are you overweight at all? If so, that can be a powerful cause of sweat. Also, what’s your diet like?

    Whether you want to look into those things is up to you. If you just want to use an antiperspirant on your face, I’d go with the Odaban.

    Good luck and thanks again for the question.


    Chris Mechanic

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