Depression from sweating

Author: Anonymous

I have Hyperhidrosis (like, really heavy sweating) and it’s causing depression, which is completely ruining me…

I was never really the best looking girl or the thinnest but i was always happy with myself…
and then when I hit my teens (more on teen sweating)..the sweating got really bad….lying on my bed…I would sweat all the way down to my hips from under my arms..
I sweat straight through jackets, hoodies and coats..

I hate going out places even now…I have 1 drawer full of black tops that I wear all the time..and tops that I will never wear again in my life.

I cry every morning when I get dressed…and whenever I change I cry some more…

Excessive sweating has made me depressed and a wreck.

I’ve basically bought every anti-perspirant and special sweating deodorants on the high street and it’s like I’m not putting anything on.

It has knocked my self-esteem and I turn to comfort eating to make me feel the tiniest bit better.

Because even if I end up a size 8 one day it won’t matter because I will still be stuck underneath baggy tops and hoodies..even in the summer.

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