Theory?…Check…Here’s the METHOD To Blast Excessive Armpit Sweating!

Excessive Armpit Sweating Doesn’t Stand A Chance!

Just an FYI–The methods described here can be used to achieve goals other than to eliminate perspiration.

This is just going to be a quick primer on how to tap your mental power. The system is the same for steps 1-3 no matter what your goal. In fact, step 5 is the same, too. The only step that varies is step 4.

This is just a quick primer. You can find more detailed instructions on each step in Step 3: Mind.

This exercise is to be performed in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. Loosen any tight clothing and shut off your phone. You can either sit Indian-style, on a comfortable chair, or lie on your back.

  1. Relax. This is just a quick relaxation. It’s very easy to achieve in a short period of time, even for a beginner. As you’re sitting or lying down comfortably just pay attention to your breathing. Breathe naturally. Don’t try to breathe deep or slow. Just breathe regularly and pay attention to it. As other thoughts pop into your head, just observe them, and keep breathing. After a few minutes, you’ll have completed this first step. You’ll feel good and relaxed.
  2. Relax Deeper. In this step you focus on one body part at a time. Start at your scalp and tell yourself that your scalp is very stressed and tense, and that as you breathe out, your scalp becomes relaxed and feels great. Then as you breathe out, let your scalp feel nice and loose and relaxed. Then move on to your eyelids.Do the same thing with your eyelids. Breathe in and think about how often you use your eyelids and how infrequently you appreciate them. Then as you breathe out, tell yourself that your eyelids are feeling more relaxed than ever. Then move to the back of your neck. Do the same thing. Move to your jaws, then your tongue. You’re going to start feeling really nice and relaxed by this point. Go over your whole body like this. Shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, torso, etc. Take your time with this. It’ll take about 5 minutes. As you lose your train of thought, as other thoughts pop into your head–they definitely will–just gently take your attention back to your breathing. This is going to happen frequently. Tell yourself that every time you lose your train of thought, and notice that you’ve lost it, and bring yourself back to breathing, that you get more deeply relaxed, and that you gain more access to your SNS.
  3. Enjoy. After you complete step 2, you’re going to be feeling a nice buzz of relaxation. Take a few minutes to enjoy it as you continue focusing on your breath. As usual, other thoughts are going to pop into your mind. Use these thoughts as a way to achieve a deeper trance. When you notice that another thought pops in, go back to your breathing, and tell yourself that you are now relaxed even more deeply. Spend a few minutes enjoying this state.
  4. Command. This is where you give instructions to your SNS. Tell yourself that you are always relaxed and dry in all situations. Then spend about 60 seconds imagining with pictures what your life will be like when you conquer your excessive armpit sweating. What will your social interactions feel like? What types of clothes will you be able to wear? How is your confidence going to be improved? How is your daily life going to be different? Experiment with different imagery and find some pictures that make you feel good. After about 60 seconds tell yourself again that you are relaxed, confident, and dry in all situations. Tell yourself that your mind, SNS, and the Universe (or God) has received this message, and that it will be carried out very soon. That you have done what’s necessary, and that you are now leaving it up to the Universe/God
  5. Give Thanks and Allow. This is arguably the most important step. And it’s very easy to do. After you have put in your command, trust that it has been received and that it is being acted upon immediately. Spend a few minutes giving thanks for the various things that you have to be grateful for. Think about things that you normally take for granted that are very important. Like the fact that you have all five of your senses. Be thankful that you can see all the beautiful things that the world has to offer. That you can smell the beautiful fragrances all over. That you are intelligent and you can read. That you have food to eat.Be thankful for all the relationships in your life. Spend a few minutes being grateful. Trust that your command has been received and it is being acted upon. That your SNS understands what you want, and it is obediently complying and reducing the amount of sweat that it produces. Then open your eyes, and hang out right where you’re sitting for a while. Then get your mind occupied with something else. Stop thinking about it completely. Do some activity to occupy your mind elsewhere. Reading, writing, and exercising are good things to do. But just do something to get your mind occupied.

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This is the ancient formula for manifestation–to achieve something you want. And it absolutely works. Whether you want to prevent excessive armpit sweating or make a million bucks. This is an ancient formula that smart people have been using for centuries.

I know this is a lot of information to take in at once. Don’t be overwhelmed. Just do steps 1-3. Doing just those steps for a couple of weeks everyday will produce more balance in your life, and excessive armpit sweating and HH will begin disappearing.

This is one of the main things that my brother and I used on a daily basis. We used to sweat more than anyone. And now we’re cured.

I guarantee this system works and I guarantee you can stop excessive armpit sweating and HH. The more you believe that, the quicker your results will materialize. All you have to do is follow these directions, believe that it works, and feel good.

Action Step–Do it right now!

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