Body Odor (Bromhidrosis)


I think I may have bromhidrosis, or excessive body odor occurring in my under arms. I am wondering what I can do to stop odor.

My problem started when I was 16. I’m 23 now. It was regular and chronic, even after I would shower, so its not a hygiene issue. And I wear my clothes only once, then I wash them. I scrub under my arms and have used almost every deodorant and antiperspirant available. (The ones you can find in the supermarket, anyway.)

I’m shy and have low self-esteem and I also blush. I’m particularly tense in social situations and perspire even on my hands and feet. However it’s not the amount of sweat that bothers me but the smell. I mean, I wash and after an hour I smell and none of my friends or boyfriend have this problem.

Can u please help me with my body odor (bromhidrosis)?

PS — Good work on your site.

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One response to “Body Odor (Bromhidrosis)”

  1. Chris says:

    The way to cure bromhidrosis (i.e. excessive body odor) is to take note of what you’re putting into your body on a daily basis. There are a thousand questions I could ask you that would give me a better idea of what your diet is like, but that would obviously take too long.

    Some of the more important questions I would ask with regard to body odor and excessive sweating are…

    1. Are you drinking enough water? Water’s like the most important thing for your body and has a way bigger impact on perspiration and odor than most people think. How much do you usually drink in a day? What color is your pee usually? (Darker pee means you’re dehydrated.)

    2. Are you getting fruits and veggies? Almost nobody eats enough of the good stuff. They eat plenty of the bad stuff, while trying these different hyperhidrosis remedies, and wonder why it’s not working. You need to eat some more of the good stuff.

    The point is though, that there’s something causing this, and there are things you can do to stop the sweat and the odor. Boosting your self-esteem would be incredibly beneficial for you as well.


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    Try Deodorite to stop body odor and help with sweating

    BTW, why’s your self-esteem low? Is it because of the sweating and bromhidrosis only, or did it start before that?


    Chris Mechanic

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