Birth Control Pills and Sweating

Location: Australia

I just read a post regarding Birth Control Pills and excessive sweating. Is The Pill something that could be causing sweating? I would like to find out more about this if anyone knows…If so, what type or brands of birth control?

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Hi Kimberley,

There have been some instances where birth control pills and sweating have been linked, yes. It happens mostly in rare cases. Less than 5% of the time according to Rutgers Health.

Usually the change in sweating associated with using the Pill happens either when a person first starts, or when they suddenly stop using birth control.

These periods–upon starting or upon starting–are when the most hormonal changes are taking place within your body, which effect perspiration levels.

Just as birth control and weight gain have been connected, usually most weight changes take place during the period when somebody starts using the pill. Once your body gets adjusted to the new hormonal mix, you’re better able to float back to normal.

(Also, it’s important to note that weight gain and sweating have been linked as well)

In the case of excessive sweating and birth control, it could be the brand/type of pills that you are taking, but more likely it’s associated with hormonal change.

Also with the hormonal change, you may have made changes to your diet that can effect sweat levels or other changes that can effect hyperhidrosis.

In any case, if the sweating becomes bothersome, follow the protocol that’s been effective for other hyperhidrosis patients on this site:

*First, ALWAYS talk to your doctor about hyperhidrosis.

Next, learn how your body effects sweating

Then learn how your thinking effects hyperhidrosis

Finally learn about the all-important concept of ‘Stacking’.

Please read about these concepts by visiting the links above. If anybody would like a comprehensive walk-through guide, see our book, “Say Bye-Bye To Excessive Sweating!

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