A Life Long Sweating Problem

Author: Rebecca
Location: Illinois


No Little Sweating Problem Can Keep THIS Girl Down!

I am currently 19 years old and I have been suffering with this these Sweating Problems since the sixth grade. Years of suffering from hyperhidrosis has caused me to be self-conscious and have constant anxiety in every social situation.

I am an outgoing and social person, but this sweating problem forces me to be someone other than my true self.

I don’t bother shopping for clothes anymore because a hoodie is my daily attire- it doesn’t cure the condition, but at least it hides all my armpit sweat.

Usually by the time I arrive at school in the morning my shirt is drenched in sweat, making me wish I had just skipped school.

Recently, my biggest problem has been the foul odor that the sweat causes.

No sweatshirt can hide that terrible smell.

No deodorant, topical cream, or prescription medication that I’ve tried so far has helped.

The hardest thing about having hyperhidrosis is that no one talks about it. I don’t even share my concerns with my closest friends or family members. If i had almost any other medical condition it would be socially acceptable and easy to explain to people around me.

I have so many embarrassing stories that involve excessive sweating that i could write a book. But they have all lead me to believe one thing–that this disorder thing, this sweating disease, whatever you want to call it–should not stop me from living my life to the fullest and allowing myself to fully express who I am.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to solve this sweating problem once and for all. I plan on seeing a doctor soon to start my journey of recovery.

I can honestly say that this sweating problem has scarred me mentally and emotionally.

But that’s OVER! No more days of depression and soaking wet T-shirts for this girl– i just need to find it.

I believe this website has set me on the right track. Thank you for all the work you put into this site and the time and money you spent researching all the sweating products out there.

I am eager to discover what solution will work best for me.

And to everyone else–thank you for opening up and helping people realize they are not the only ones who have this sweating problem.


Rebecca from Illinois

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