Yikes! Sweating in dance class.

Author: SweatGirl
Location: California

Here’s the story of my sweating in dance class. Yikes!

I was in the seventh grade. Everyday was the same. I wore a jacket/sweater everyday to school, no matter the weather was…Just to cover up excessive perspiration.

On my second day of school that year, and one of my electives was dance class. I did not choose it. I only got that class because Spanish was already filled. So on that second day of school, our dance teacher went over the regular rules and i was doing pretty well… Until she said this:

“You. Cannot. Wear. Jackets/Sweaters. In. Class.”

It was like a dagger to my sweating heart!

She said it was because she wanted to she if our body shape was right while we were dancing. And if we wore a jacket/sweater, you would be hiding everything. (which was my goal)

After that, i just stood there, frozen. And i bet you know what i was thinking. “I’m screwed.” I’d be the only one in that class with massive sweating problems. The only girl who was afraid to do partner work because she was scared that her partner would make fun of her.

As the school year went by, I suffered so much in dance class. I hated that class. Everyday, i was expecting something bad. But thankfully, my partner that i had that year was very understanding and didn’t care that i had hyperhidrosis. It made me feel more comfortable to be around her.

I managed to get through the school year. Not easily, but i still did it. And i dreaded that year. But now that i think about it, I’m actually proud of myself. And i gave myself credit.


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