Using ‘Stacking’ to Stop Excessive Sweating

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Hey all, Chris here. That’s a good question from Michelle, “How Do You Use ‘Stacking’ To Stop Excessive Sweating?”

When you’re trying to prevent excessive sweating, ‘Stacking’ can be your best friend. What it means is to use more than one potential HH remedy at once.

So for instance, you may change your diet. If all you’re doing is changing your diet, you’re just using that one potential remedy, then you’re not ‘Stacking.’ You’re just using one remedy.

BUT, when you go and add a second potential remedy, say hypnosis, and you’re using hypnosis at the same as you’re eating better, then you’re ‘Stacking’. Because you’re using more than one thing.

The thing to really do, if you really want to take advantage of the principle of ‘Stacking’, is to ‘Stack’ like 5 different things. Read about all different types of ‘Stackers’ and how to use them by clicking here.

We have a specific ‘Stacking’ formula which we talk about in our upcoming eBook, “The Answer”, which is really effective. The eBook should be released by the end of June. Keep an eye out for it.


Chris Mechanic

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