Underarm Hyperhidrosis Sucks For Teenage Girls

Location: New Jersey

Hi I’m 15 years old and I’ve had underarm hyperhidrosis since the beginning of 9th grade.

I don’t know if its from anxiety or what. I always have to wear a jacket, and put napkins in my shirt just so the excessive sweat won’t go through. (Sometimes it does goes through anyway.) I sit in class and have to worry all the time if my sweat is leaking through or not.

Please, I need help!

I went to the dermatologist once, and they gave me Drysol (which didn’t work!) No one does Botox anymore in New Jersey. The spring is coming.. and I cant hide behind a jacket anymore in school, so I don’t know what to do.

Please help me stop this under arm hyperhidrosis!

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One response to “Underarm Hyperhidrosis Sucks For Teenage Girls”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello Ms. New Jersey,

    I’m glad you brought this up because I’m sure there are a TON of other teenage girls suffering from excessive under arm sweating right along with you.

    Especially now, with the Spring coming, it’s gonna be way harder since you can’t hide behind the jackets and sweaters anymore.

    First things first, miss, get stop using napkins to soak up the sweat and get some real under arm sweat-guards!

    (You can read about them by clicking on ‘Stackers’, scrolling down, then clicking on ‘Sweat-Guards’. Or, click on ‘Site Search’ and then type ‘sweat guard’ into the Google search box.)

    Using napkins to soak up sweat is a pain-in-the-butt. Plus, a napkin won’t be nearly as effective as some real sweat-guards. (And a third) Plus, they’re cheap!

    If you can’t find the article, just go to http://www.kleinertsshields.com or http://www.advantagewear.com or http://www.buyinconfidence.com and check them out. Best investment of your life.

    You won’t be able to get away with wearing tank-tops because they’ll be visible, but you can wear t-shirts.

    Second thing is, it’s probably caused by a change in your hormones, just because you’re going through a lot of changes right now. (Excessive sweating happens a lot of times at your age.) BUT regardless, you’re right when you say it has something to do with anxiety also.

    You see, hormones often cause it, but then anxiety or loss in self-confidence can perpetuate it, which just means cause it to keep going and get worse.

    So, what I would suggest you do it some confidence-building exercises. If you build confidence like none other, you’re life will change dramatically for the better. Either this sweating problem will stop, or you’ll be so damn confident that you won’t care about a little extra perspiration.

    There’s a bunch of different ways for you to build confidence. One of the easiest ones is called hypnosis. You’ve probably heard of hypnosis but never thought to try it. Well I’ll tell you what, Ms. New Jersey, if you try hypnosis, you’ll definitely like it. Get one specifically for boosting confidence.

    Click on ‘Your Mind’ on the left, then scroll down til you see ‘Hypnosis.’ Click on ‘Hypnosis,’ read the article, and click on the link all the way at the bottom that says ‘try it.’

    It’s cheap. Costs like 12 bucks. If you use it everyday for one or two weeks, you’ll notice a huge difference in both your confidence and how much the sweating is bothering you!

    Third, if you haven’t done this already, tell your closest friend about your under arm hyperhidrosis. Tell your mom or dad about it, too. Don’t be shy to talk about it. Chances are that somebody close to you is suffering (or used to suffer) from the same problem.

    I know it’s difficult, but try your best not to be ashamed or embarrassed about the excessive sweating. Soon it’ll be all gone.

    Good questions. Hope this helps, and let everyone know how it works out for you.

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