Uncured, Looking for a Cure – Hyperhidrosis

Author: Ashley
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

I am still uncured and looking for a hyperhidrosis cure!

Here’s my story (so far)…

I’m thirteen and just started eighth grade in August. (It’s now January 2009 for people reading this in the future : )

And for all of your information, i am typing on my ipod touch so i’m so sorry if the format isn’t proper or something.

On the first day of eighth grade i started sweating real badly. i ran home everyday just to rip off my shirt change into a tank top or an oversized shirt.

In my day i have tried alot of stuff. I cant imagine living with this for more than a few months. I have tried so many deodorants, baby powder, and so many other things.

I, unlike Josh and Christopher, have no one to “work” with. And this really sucks. I live in Arizona so its really unusual to where a jacket, and when I do, my sweat leaks through my jacket past my bra.

People have noticed this and i usually just end up saying screw you but this never really works.

Before i ever found out about hyperhidrosis i looked at my pits in the mirror and simply could not figured out what was wrong with them. i wear deodorant i thought, but this obviously dosent work.

So i googled “excess armpit sweat” and was in for a shocker. the first thing that came up was surgery and i am terrified of needles. i hated this even more.

i heard certain dry was a good deodorant so one day i went to the store (my mom doesnt know i have hyperhidrosis, should i tell her?) and got certain dri. This did not work at all.

And that’s where my story ends, i bought certain dri a couple weeks ago and now i have no idea what to do. i was thinking about getting drysol but heard it’s over the counter, do i need a parent to do this?

The end. Once again im soo sorry this story thing looks like crap. i try, really.

This website is real cool and has a lot of information about hyperhidrosis, i really wanna get the ebook, but i dont have a credit card so a parent would have to buy it, and im not quite sure i want my mom to know quite yet.

Thanks so much for reading this if you got this far(:


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  1. Chris Mechanic says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Hyperhidrosis story with everybody. Without a doubt, there is a person in a similar situation as you that will read that story and like it sooo much.

    It’s going to make them feel really good. Like they’re not alone.

    Here’s a few things I’d like to tell you with regard to your story:

    1. Tell your mom. Children don’t realize how much their parents–especially their moms–love them. Believe me, if your mom knew what you were going through, she would ABSOLUTELY want to know about it.

    Try bringing it up casually.

    Just be like, “Man, mom, my pits are really sweating! Are yours?”

    Tell her that your pits are always a little sweaty and that it’s embarrassing and you think it’s some type of disorder.

    The reason that this is important is because…

    2. You need to go to the doctor! There are many benefits to going to the doctor. You need to read this article about why it’s important to see your doctor about hyperhidrosis.

    It’s very important.

    Most likely the doctor will give you Drysol, which works for most people.

    3. It’s going to go away soon. In almost all cases, within a few months of the start of hyperhidrosis, a patient finds something that makes it more bearable.

    Especially in somebody as young as yourself. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    4. Boost your self-confidence. There are a bunch of ways to do this. The healthiest way is by developing your self-esteem and/or improving your self-image.

    Your self-esteem is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. Check out this section on strategies to manage teenage sweating problems.

    Hope this stuff helps. Thanks again for writing in. Hang in there and be sure to let us know what happens!

    Chris Mechanic

  2. Anonymous says:


    I Totally know how you feel. I had the exact same problem in 8th grade. I’m in 9th now, and I still have hyperhidrosis, but not so bad. I just did a bunch of research.

    I found that whether you take a shower at morning or night depends how much you sweat too.

    Try it!

    Good luck!

  3. Ashley says:

    Hey again, yeah its Ashley, the one who wrote this story. To all of those people suffering out there, there is a effective cure. Use Drysol! Its soo easy to use and completely works! My pit sweat is not 100%, but pretty darn close to it, eliminated. But I’m 100% happy with this life-changing antiperspirant.

    So, my mom noticed my certaindri, and told me she sweated alot when she was a kid, a couple days later she gave me Drysol and told me to tell her if it worked. I used it the first couple nights- nothing. So, I was completely devasted and a couple weeks later started using it again just to give it a shot. Within a couple days it made a HUGE change. I dont always have to put my hair in front of my pits to hife my sweating. Also, I dont wear oversized shirts any more with out layering littler shirts underneath it. Everyday, I’m rockin’ something cute and only sweating because of the bajillion degree weather here in Arizona.
    I suffered with hyperhidrosis throughout the whole eighth grade which felt like a lifetime. Remember, your not alone (souds cheesy huh?) and use drysol because I know how much this sucks!

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