Too Much Excessive Sweating!

Author: Anonymous

Hi everyone, here are a few stories to demonstrate the big trouble i’ve had with too much excessive sweating!

“4th Grade Trouble”

well there was one time in the 4th grade when i started noticing Hyperhidrosis, i was going to gym class and unfortunately we went running out side.

At my old elementary school we didnt have gym clothes to change into so we ran in what we had. i was wearing a light gray shirt that day, and as we all know sweat shows up more on gray. i went to the bathroom with one of my friends real quick to tell her, then a while later we left, and the gym teacher was mad.

she asked us what we were doing and i said ” sorry we got carried away talking ” at such a young age it is embarrasing to tell people, even now. i cant remember but i think i ended up calling home sick that day.

“Gym Embarrasment”

ok so my school doesnt let you wear jackets if you are a non-dresser in gym. i normally wear tanktops as an excuse to wear jackets to school, so i dont show my excessive sweating. but if i am just wearing a normal shirt i end up having to ask one of my friends for an extra shirt, or i get stuck with having to jam the sweaty part of the shirt under my arms so no one can see it.

and i am talking about grape fruit sized sweat on your shirt, so just think how uncomfortable that is.

“Holding hands”

i was walking with my boyfriend (now ex) and of course i was nervous, of what? i dont know. but my hands sweat and now that our hands were locked together, i couldn’t wipe them on my jeans. i apologised about it and he said it was fine, but for the whole time i was constantly apologising and wiping sweat from my hand. .go figure.

so that’s my story about too much excessive sweating. i’ve clearly been suffering a long time and hoping to find a good cure for excessive sweating soon.

Thanks for reading!

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