This is How I Found Out That I Have Excessive Sweating!

Author: Aiden
Location: England

I am 16. I have been sweating before quite a lot but never wanted to admit that i actually had excessive sweating!

I was on my way to a job interview the other week and was hoping that my sweaty pits wouldn’t show so I wore a t-shirt, a shirt and a jumper to try and stop sweat becoming visible. When I got to the interview I could feel sweat coming through my first layer of clothing. I expected this but never thought in a million years it would show through all 3 layers.

About half an hour in, I reached over the table to get a pen and noticed that the person interviewing me have a little glance at my arm pits. I looked down under my arms and saw pit stains emerging out of my third and final layer of clothing. I just froze and my face went pale white. I kept my arms shut throughout the interview. Afterwards I didn’t even shake his hand as by that time they were probably huge.

So now I am here trying to find ways to stop all this sweating and thinking about trying this.

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