Teen Sweating Herbal Remedies


Hey Guys,

I have read practically everything on this website, and it is awesome! Thank you so much.

I drink wheat grass every morning and night, and it has reduced my armpit sweat, but i wanted to ask if there is any other herbal remedies or foods that help reduce armpit sweat.

(Preferably something that I might have already in my house, or just something cheap, besides wheat grass and water.)

Thanks guys

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One response to “Teen Sweating Herbal Remedies”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello there,

    There are lots of other cheap/household items you can be using at the same time as your wheat grass and water routine. We call them ‘Stackers’ because it works best when you use a bunch of them at once–like ‘Stacking’ them on top of each other.

    Wheat grass and water is a great start, but imagine if you included a once-monthly 36-hour detox fast. And imagine if you started a different exercise routine, and started using Sage teas..All at the same time.

    That’s ‘Stacking’ and that’s how to cure the pesky sweating disease once and for all. For more information on any of these things, use the Google search tool you’ll find under the ‘Search Site’ link on the left.

    I know you said you’ve read practically the whole site, but check out the ‘Herbs for Sweat’ tab, and the ‘More Remedies’ tabs. Finally, make sure you check out our eManual that’s coming out soon. Sign-up for the newsletter for details about the launch.

    Congratulations on your success, and I hope that it continues for you.


    Chris Mechanic

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