Teen Palmar Hyperhidrosis


In the teen section, you said that this condition might just go away.

Do you mean on its own?

I’m going to try drysol and acupuncture first, and I don’t want to have surgery or Botox yet because my sweating isn’t THAT severe.

I don’t want to put all of my focus on it. I just want to live a normal life without worrying about this! But really, could it just go away because I’m a young teen? Thanks for you website. It’s the best site about excessive sweating I’ve found so far and it’s given me hope!

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One response to “Teen Palmar Hyperhidrosis”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks for your questions. Asking them publicly helps all the other people that may be wondering the same thing.

    Yes, teens sweating usually goes away by itself. Especially if you’re very young. Do you know of anyone else in your family that has ever suffered from this condition? Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, brothers, cousins?

    You’re absolutely right about not focusing on it. It’s a temporary thing, and contrary to the way you may be feeling right now, it’s NOT that big of a deal. You don’t deserve to have to worry about it, because you didn’t do anything wrong to cause it.

    Just follow the method that we describe in this website. Click on “How We Cured It” and read the whole page. It’s where we describe “Mechanic Method” which is the system that me and my bro created to cure our own sweating.

    From there, you can read about each of the 4 steps.

    I know everything will turn out okay for you. Try not to focus too much on it, and have a good time. Life’s short. Enjoy it.


    Chris Mechanic

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