Sweating = Total Humiliatiom

Author: Tim
Location: Wooster


Im on the left…

Ever since I was boy, 5th grade to be exact, my arm pits always sweat uncontrollably. I remember vividly sitting at our computer lab and feeling the sweat roll down my sides. I mean this was serious stuff, it was like my armpits turned into the Ohio River.

My sweat stains were huge. Even keeping my arms tucked to my side, they still seeped around the edges, so everyone could see.

I am 19 now, and my pits are still sweating uncontrollably. I am a freshman in college now at Mount Union in Ohio, and it is hard, very hard. I always wear dark clothes, or white shirts, or sweat hoods, even though, underneath the layers, I am burning up like an oven.

Sweat rolls down my chest to my stomach, to my underwear band. Sweat rolls down my back. Sweat beads form on my forehead and eventually stream down my face. And the most embarrassing part is my arm pits–still.

Everyday, the same thing. I keep my arms tucked at my side and never lift them up. It is truly awful. It’s hell, pure hell. I hate when girls hug me too, because I know they feel it on their shoulders and can also feel my moist back. I am in extremly good shape too, not fat at all, I work out everyday.

I struggle with it everyday. I never dated either because of it. I hate it, absolutely hate it–the feeling of sweat rolling down my back, chest, stomach, arm pits and sides, forehead and more. I can never have a “normal” day, whatever the hell that is. I will go to the bathroom when it is really bad and stuff paper towels in my shirt, that never works ethier.

I have to go to places by myself just so people won’t see my puddles under my arm pits. On top of everything else I shake too, bad, I mean I tremble like little old man, it is like I am always scared.

May God Help Me.

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2 responses to “Sweating = Total Humiliatiom”

  1. Anonymous says:

    having some of the same problems. Any look on finding a resolution?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, I’m afraid not.. I tried everything almost. I even went to a heart doctor, but with no prevail. He prescribed me some drugs that had no effect what so ever. But I will keep you posted if anything comes up.

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