Sweating Shows Through Shirts – What To DO?

Author: Tristan
Location: Kansas


I love buying new clothes, and I like wearing just T-shirts too. but i can’t even WEAR my T-shirts anymore. Because of the sweat stains!

All my shirts are beginging to have them, and I don’t know what to do! I use dove clinical strength, but it’s not working! HELP!


Hi Tristan,

There’s a couple things you can do in this case to reduce the perspiration stains.

FIRST, for t-shirts that already have stains, you should read about how to remove sweat stains from clothes.

THEN, you should look into ways of preventing sweating through clothes.

Those two articles together should help you out a lot. But you know, you don’t HAVE to be sweating excessively all the time. Learn how to stop excessive sweating like a pro, the way we did it!

Chris Mechanic

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