Sweating on Picture Day Disaster!

Author: Lauren Martin
Location: New York, NY

Well one day it was picture day in school and we didn’t have to wear uniform and i wore a purple shirt. I could feel myself tense and sweaty.

Not only was i sweaty my armpits were stinking! But i don’t know how! But anyways i knew people were talking about me because my friend said to my other friend, “do my armpits stink?” and she replied no but someone elses does!

I felt so embarrassed that i think i started to sweat more! And then a boy called me out and said “Hey you’re a little sweaty” and I hurried and tried to change the subject.

I feel so embarrased 🙁

Reply from Chris:

Oh my god, Lauren, I’m so sorry to hear that! I’m sure that a lot of other people reading this can totally relate to your story. It’s really tough, but there are a lot of potential solutions for excessive sweating that you can try.

My brother and I were suffering from excessive sweating for a long time (you can read some of our story here) and when we finally figured out how to stop it is when we started this website to share the solutions with the world.

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