Sweating makes me feel terrible! Help!

Author: Sweaty Girl
Location: Denver

Im in grade 8 and i just joined the girls volleyball team. During the tryouts i was soaked from head to toe and dripping sweat.

My coach asked me if i was alright infront of the whole team and someone started laughing. I had to lie and say i had a fever and wasnt feeling well.

I made the team but im thinking of leaving because i know that when i spike or block everyone can see my sweat stains. The sweat also runs into my eyes so i cant see and i end up missing the ball.

The sweating is ruining my life and i want to stop it before grad. Help!


Hi Sweaty Girl,

We just came out with an eCourse that you can download for free. It’s not quite finished yet, but you can get a bunch of good tips and more info about how to stop sweating.

Download it here.

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