Sweating for Girls

Location: NY

For boys, it doesn’t matter if they sweat. But sweating for girls is something totally different and much more embarrassing.

I suffer from excessive sweating and its terrible. I’m totally embarrassed by it. It just started a few months ago. I don’t know if its something that will just go away over time or if i should see my doctor.

Please help…

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One response to “Sweating for Girls”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your question about sweating for girls. You’re kinda’ right actually. Sweating does suck more for girls than it does for boys. Boys typically get away with more in terms of personal hygiene.

    Like for instance, a guy that washes his hair only once-a-week may be looked at as a little nasty, but a girl who perpetrates such an action would be looked at like an outcast, a weirdo.

    Along with other stuff that sucks about being a woman, for the time being, until you find a cure, you may have to just try to keep your head up.

    BUT, there is some good news. First off, Girl, get your butt to the doctor! They’ll be able to help you out tremendously. If you haven’t already, read the section on the doctor by clicking on ‘Doctor’ on the left.

    Second of all, if what the doctor gives you doesn’t work right away, don’t fret. There are some other options. But first things first, go to the doctor. If that doesn’t work out the way you wanted it after a couple weeks, come back and visit us again. We’ll be here.

    Oh yea, also, since the sweating just started for you a couple months ago, and you seem to be a pretty young girl, I wouldn’t sweat it too much (no pun intended). It will probably go away by itself.


    Chris Mechanic

    PS — Here’s something else you may be interested in.
    Project Sweat-Free: To eliminate excessive underarm sweating.

    (I think it may be sponsored by Botox.)

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