Sweating and Pit Stains


Hi there,

At times where i wear new shirts in certain locations, like the mall for example, i can get huge pit stains in a short amount of time.

It’s really embarrassing and seems completely unavoidable. What can I do to slow down sweating and not get pit stains on my brand new shirt?

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2 responses to “Sweating and Pit Stains”

  1. Chris says:


    Underarm sweating and the effect it has on shirts (commonly known as “Pit Stains”)is one of the oldest problems that people have with sweating.

    It’s extremely annoying, especially when you get a brand new shirt, to have to worry about getting pit stains on it. It particularly sucks also when there’s a cool shirt that you want to buy and you hesitate to buy it b/c you know that sweat will easily show through it.

    There are two recommendations I have for you:

    1. For the short-term, get some sweat shields. Sweat-shields are little absorbent pads that you can adhere to your underarms which will prevent the sweat from seeping through to your overshirt.

    They’re cheap and they work.

    2. Go for the cure. Use the resources on this website to start actually working on a cure for sweating. The process is laid out all over this site…

    First, visit the doctor about the sweating.

    Second, learn how your body effects perspiration levels.

    Third, understand how your mind plays a role in hyperhidrosis.

    And finally, ‘Stack’ several potential cures for excessive sweating siMULtaneously.

    Hope this helps prevent sweating and pit stains both for the short-term with sweat-shields AND over the long-term.

    Chris Mechanic

    P.S. We just released a book about how to stop excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis which takes you step-by-step through a proven sweat-stopping program.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I just feel as if my armpits wont stop sweating! got any other ideas? i mean sheesshhhh its like a waterfall, NEVERRRRRR STOPSSSSS! i swear im gonna invent a good deoderant for women who sweat a lot that does it all P:D

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