Strong Armpits Odor

Author: Anonymous

I have strong armpits odor and want to know how i can stop it.

Let me first say that i shower and wear deodorant everyday. i am a guy and i shave my armpits also because of this but it doesn’t help. i’m not fat at all. Because of this i spend sometimes 2 hours just scrubbing my armpits but that does not help. my armpits are very irritated now and they hurt very bad every time i take a shower. my armpits also turned really dark. i change antiperspirants a lot. sometimes they work for like a week and then it’s like my body stops responding to it.

My armpits are so messed up. anything i put under my arms hurt. what can i do?

I also have excessive hands and feet sweating. i want to try surgery for the armpits only. is it a good idea. if yes which one is more successful?

I want to stop using deodorant for the rest of my life and just have this strong armpits odor go away!

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2 responses to “Strong Armpits Odor”

  1. Jess says:

    ANYBODY know any American medicine can let armpits odor go forever?

  2. Anonymous says:

    try chinese medicine.

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