Still Sweaty

Author: Emaleigh
Location: Bath

After all this time I’m still sweaty.

It all started for me when i left school and entered college. Before that i had not had a problem. I was starting a course at college and i noticed i was sweating excessively within the first few days. But i chalked that up to the strenuous work and nervousness involved.

But as the course went on it got worse. I was told by a teacher that i smelled bad, which was particularly embarrassing and i became isolated from the group. They all started talking about me and whispering which for me made the matter worse.

So I went to the doctor and they issued me Driclor but this did not help. I was severely bullied because of it and again this made the situation worse. I then did another course at college and decided to try a different anti-perspirant deodorant but i was feeling so depressed and sad and i became paranoid everytime someone whispered about anything i could feel myself getting hot and sweating.

I think it may have something to do with my past but i will tell you this much it has affected my life and has scarred me, i advise anyone who notices it early enough to stop it straight away, all my life i have been bullied and isolated so it doesn’t bother me anymore but i urge someone who thinks they may have a problem to address it immediately.

Dont end up like me, i wouldn’t wish my past on anyone, and I’m still sweaty

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