Serious Bromhidrosis Problem

Author: Anonymous

I’m suffering from a SERious Bromhidrosis problem!

And I’ve seen 2 dermatologists so far. They gave me some rubbing alcohol liquor medicine. I tried it but it won’t work.

I shower 3 times a day. I change 2 sets of clothes everyday, but it doesn’t stop the problem.

I’ve tried stuff to cover the foul smell with various anti body odor products, but it still won’t work…

So I was wondering if there is any good surgeon in the United States that have a medical surgery for this bromhidrosis problem.

I’m an Asian and I know there are lots of clinics and hosptitals that have surgery for my problem, but I have trouble finding them.

Can you help?

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One response to “Serious Bromhidrosis Problem”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I sufferred from the same condition for many years (excessive body odor) and in the last 2 years I found that taking margarite pills helps body odor alot.

    Also, I use this herbal tooth pasted under my arms called Thieves Dentarome found at a website called

    THe magarite is sold on-line too.

    Hope this helps. I know what it feels like to be a clean person that can’t get rid of this awful odor.

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