Powdered Wheatgrass 4 Sweating?

Location: Philippines

Will a powdered wheatgrass help with excessive sweating? (It’s very hard to find a fresh wheatgrass here in the philippines.)

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2 responses to “Powdered Wheatgrass 4 Sweating?”

  1. Josh says:

    Hi Jeff. A powdered wheatgrass may help depending on how it’s made, how you use it, whether any other ingredients are included, and what else you’re combining, or ‘Stacking’, with it.

    As we normally say, ‘Fresh is Best,’ which is I guess why you wrote this question in the first place. But you don’t necessarily have to ‘find’ fresh wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is actually really easy, cheap (and kinda’ fun) to grow yourself. You just buy the seeds, set it up in a pot, and let it rip. I’m not sure if the climate in the Philippines is ideal for it (or if it will even support it), but you should give it a try.

    Fresh wheatgrass is going to work at least twice as good as the dried stuff. It’s like, which makes a more delicious spaghetti sauce, fresh basil, or dried basil?

    Be sure to read about and understand all the other ‘Stacking’ options as well. Your journey to stop sweating is going to be much more fruitful if you start practicing with many remedies, and getting to know yourself a bit better.

    Thanks for the question and let me know if you have any other ones!

    Josh Mechanic

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jeff!!! I’m from the Philippines. I can help you find wheat grass in the Philippines. i just read an article from a local newspaper. You should check http://www.chlorophyllmanila.com. They sell wheat grass for just about Php100-120 I think. Hey Jeff!!! I’m formulating something really big about how to cure Hyperhidrosis. If you’d like, I can contact you. Just give me e-mail so that we could communicate ok? I’d be glad to help.

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