Odaban or Drysol?

Location: Maryland

I am considering purchasing the Obadan product that your site ranked number 1 out of all the hyperhidrosis antipersperants, but i was wondering how does that stack up against the drysol 20% that can be purchased off of certain websites?

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One response to “Odaban or Drysol?”

  1. Chris says:

    Good question. There are a few things I would consider with regard to the difference between an Odaban and a Drysol.

    1. Drysol’s stronger.

    Odaban is pretty friggin’ strong. A lot of people report that it can cause a tingling or burning sensation. Drysol’s even stronger @ 20%. You can be pretty certain that you’ll feel a physical sting from Drysol.

    Especially if your skin is somewhat sensitive.

    2. Alcohol vs. Water.

    Drysol is known to create an even stronger tingling sensation because it’s stronger, but also because the active ingredient sits in an aqueous (or, water-based) solution.

    Odaban on the other hand, sits in a non-aqueous, alcohol-based solution, which causes less irritation.

    I would probably try the Odaban first, it will most likely work for you. If it doesn’t, then I’d give the Drysol a whirl. But I would recommend getting it from your doctor as opposed to the website online.

    Hope that helps.

    Chris Mechanic

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