My Neighbor Has Offensive Body Odor September 14th, 2008

Author: Anonymous

My neighbor, Gary, emits a terrible, offensive body odor. Everyone is offended by it, but not a single one of us has stepped up to the plate to advise him of it.

I am considered his closest friend so I am trying to get up the guts to just tell him like it is. Gary’s “signature scent” seems to be a cocktail of cat urine, sweat, rancid wash clothes, and possible decaying sneakers.

He used to smoke cheap pipe tobacco by the bagfulls and that added to the powerful nasal assault. Thank goodness he gave smoking up…for his health…and for the people who get a whiff of him.

It would be easier for me to swim with sharks or parachute jump than to tell my friend that he has a problem that’s causing everyone else a problem.

Is there a pamphlet available about Bromhidrosis that I can give him?

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