My Life From Suffering Of Excessive Sweating

Author: Angela
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Hello everyone there! I am young-adult girl who is almost 12. I’ve been embarrassed about my armpit sweat since last summer. It really got on my nerves.

I would wear the same jacket to school everyday because it didn’t show the sweat. Everyone would always talk about me, telling one another, “She’s worn the same jacket since the beginning of the school year.” I hated it!

My life was terrible all because of this sweating. I always wished I could be like the other girls wearing their nice tops with different types of colors! I had always wore black or see through white shirts. I’d even cry sometimes.

It is hard to have this problem. Some people do not know what we have to go through. People on YouTube would just say, “Go get Secret anti-perspirent.” Yea, that may be your way to stop sweating, but I have used so many anti-perspirents and they all have not worked.

All you people are not alone in the world with your excessive sweating. Hopefully, one day there will be a cure.

Thank you for listening to my story!

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2 responses to “My Life From Suffering Of Excessive Sweating”

  1. Chris Mechanic says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’m so glad you shared your sweat story with us! I have a feeling that your problem will go away by itself before long. You’re so young! Is it only in your under arms that you sweat? Have you tried Drysol?

    If I were you I’d look around this site and try out some different cures. If you haven’t tried the following things to stop your sweat, you may want to:

    1. Hypnosis (Click on ‘Your Mind’ then on ‘Hypnosis’)

    2. Deodorite (Click on ‘Stackers’ then on ‘Deodorite’)

    3. Changing your diet and exercising (Click on ‘Your Body’)

    Other than that, just hang in there, and keep on doing what you’re doing, sister. Best of luck.


  2. Anonymous says:

    i use my sweatr cuz its black and it doesnt show it .. i wear alot of black too it doesnt show that much with it or with loose clothing

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