My Hyperhidrosis Story

Author: Paul Krauss
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Here’s my story about excessive sweating. The first girl I have really come to like I used to have 2nd period PE with her and I didn’t feel nervous but I guess I was and my palms were sweaty and I used to be stressed out having to go to 2nd to have to be around her because she was experienced in every way and i just wasn’t ready for what she was ready for. She talked to me like she had known me for 20 yrs, and I didnt know what else to do but talk the same way back and it just got me uncomfortable around her and I would sweat alot, and that was the first year I had ever noticed armpit sweat on me. I freaked out and I dont know why lol. So i got even more uncomfortable fearing I would sweat around her and I always did I guess because I had that fear.. After school though, and pretty much all through summer I rarely sweated that much unless I was in a similar situation like picking up a girl lol, or playing basketball or something. But sitting around, riding my bike or whatever, nah I didn’t sweat.

Whats funny is starting this semester, I have the same 2nd period PE class and I sweat when I get in there, I get a weird anxious feeling to get in there like 10 min before I actually do and it just stays with me then when I get in there I get really hyper and energetic, but I don’t have to be doing anything in there I just get hot and sweaty fast. I’m thinking its cause the memory of doing that last semester.

I really don’t sweat that much (well I usually always have a little perspiration on my palms but its nothing bad) when I’m not put into a situation like that.

I’m starting to think it’s a mind thing, don’t you? Anxiety (or something like it).

I know theres no point in worrying about it though because you only live once and why live like that (worrying), so I think that type thinking will help me.

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One response to “My Hyperhidrosis Story”

  1. Anonymous says:

    But it doesn’t sound like you have primary hyperhidrosis. Just that you get nervous sometimes and sweat. Which is very lucky for you.

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