Limes for Apocrine Bromhidrosis

Author: Jim Johnson
Location: Brighton, MA

I suffered from this embarrassing problem, Apocrine Bromhidrosis, for far too long. Tried everything imaginable and was very close to trying a surgical procedure with risk of serious side affects; all because I was so desperate for a cure.

Thanks to this site and others I heard about using limes as a cure for Apocrine Bromhidrosis and it’s worked better than I could have imagined. Give it a try!

Jim Johnson

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2 responses to “Limes for Apocrine Bromhidrosis”

  1. Anonymous says:

    can you be more specific please?
    what, where, when, how much, etc?



  2. Anonymous says:

    Please be more specific. How exactly did you do the lime regimen. what time of the day and how many times? before or after a shower? how long did you start to notice results?

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