I’m Free From Sweat!

Author: Helen Tiu
Location: China

Hi, I’m Helen, 26 yrs old.

I have been experiencing excessive sweating since I was in 1st yr high school until I have decided to buy some e-books which I have read from the internet as well. Later have I realized that the source of the e-books information is just the same as yours…

I would really like to thank you for sharing this information for free..you both really are sincere in helping people be free from excessive sweating..

Im a teacher and it has been one of my greatest difficulties. since as a teacher, you cant get away with raising your hand in writing in the board, calling your students,etc. Since then Ive found your site, I applied all of them and it worked..I have tried previously wearing loose shirts to provide better ventilation and bought blouses that wont reflect sweat in my underarms..tried a lot..all most got freaked out..thanks a lot..

God Bless

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