i reaalyy h8 sweating

Author: Bob

Ermm…Yeaaa. I’m relieved too that I’m not the only one who excessive sweats like crazy.

Even at school I try 2 think that I’m in the Arctic or somethin (u know, mind-over-matter thing) but noooo.. It doesn’t work. I can’t always hi-5 people and I always walk around school w/ my arms folded and try to dry my palm sweat with our long shirts (plus, I live near the equator..) and yea, it’s soo freakin annoying.

I tried 2 search 4 cures and stuff, but its quite hard 2 find. Still suffering here. *sigh* maybe someday I’ll find a cure… Eventuallyyy…

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One response to “i reaalyy h8 sweating”

  1. Ashley says:

    Dude, i feel the exact same way.

    Like, one time my friend was on the floor and i had to help her up by grabbing her hands…Let me just tell you–never trying that again.

    I live in arizona so its fricken hot too. hyperhidrosis sucks.


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