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Author: Jamie

Hyperhydrosis has majorly affected my life. I mean, high school is rough enough as it is, but when you have a sweating issue, it really brings down your self-esteem.

I can’t wear the clothes I want, because they cause me to sweat more and show the stains more easily. So, you’ll usually just find me in a black t-shirt.

And not only is it embarrassing, but really uncomfortable too. I don’t ever want to put my arms by my sides. And I probably go to the bathroom 3 or 4 times during school just to clean up the sweat a bit. But it never helps all that much.

This really does affect my social life too… I never hug my friends as I see them in the hall, I hate group projects or activities where I have to get closer to people, cause I don’t want them to smell anything. It’s probably hard not to.

I’ve been through sooo many types of hyperhydrosis deodorants, and none have done anything for me. Not even Secret Clinical Strength, which I was sure would work.

I mean, I’ve been dealing with this issue for over 2 years now, and I didn’t want to see a doctor because, well, it’s embarrassing. I thought maybe I’d eventually find the right deodorant, wash up 3 times a day, and I would be fine. But no. So today I’ve decided to do a bunch of research, get some tips, whatever else (which this website has really helped me to do, so Thank you) and maybe decide to go to the doctor and see what he has to say. something’s gotta be done.

God, I feel lame posting this, but I just needed to get it out there. And I’m sure most of you with this condition can relate to what I’ve said. Hyperhydrosis sucks, don’t it?

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One response to “New Hampshire”

  1. Chris Mechanic says:

    Hello there,

    I read your post about the sweating, and I know what it’s like, believe me. I was just wondering whether you have mustered up the courage to see a doctor. (I wouldn’t be too, too embarrassed if I were you. After all, hyperhidrosis is pretty common, and doctors are used to doing some crazy stuff like sticking their fingers in people’s butts!)

    Recently I received a post from an ex-excessive sweater that calls himself The No Sweat Kid. His situation sounded extremely similar to yours. (Check out his post if you want by clicking on “Share Stories” and then “The No Sweat Kid.”) He finally mustered up the courage to ask his parents and went to the doctor for his sweating and got Drysol which he said worked like a charm.

    Still too embarrassed? Give it a shot!


    Chris Mechanic

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