Hyperhidrosis Surgery has all but RUINED my life! ! !

Author: Mark Webber
Location: Seattle, WA. USA

My name is Mark and I am a 45 year old male.

I have had sweaty palms all my life and so at the tender age of 40 I decided to have Hyperhidrosis Surgery.

That was 5 years ago and ever since the surgery I have enormous amounts of sweat just pouring out of my groin area all day and night, every day and night, and the accompanying itching, chafing, scratching, bleeding and general discomfort have brought me to the point of not wanting to live anymore.

I have been told that the procedure is irreversible as the nerves were cut so long ago, and even if I attempted to restore the nerves the way they were, it would likely do nothing to change what has been done to me.

The Hyperhidrosis Surgery has affected my sex life and the intimacy I once shared with my wife, but as you can imagine, with a gallon of sweat pouring out of my crotch at all times, the smell is horrific and uncontrollable.

I am at an impasse and do not know what to do from this point forward…

All I can say is:
Hyperhidrosis Surgery has all but RUINED my life ! ! !

Reply from Chris:

Wow Mark, I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I maintain hope that you can overcome this problem.

What types of remedies have you tried to reduce the groin sweat? Has the surgery caused you to start sweating in other places?

Again, so sorry to hear this. I wish you the best.

-Chris M.

One response to “Hyperhidrosis Surgery has all but RUINED my life! ! !”

  1. Wayne says:

    I totally agree with you. I had the surgery in January 2009 and am suffering from major compensatory sweating down my back and on my chest and legs, even my knees sweat! This was the worst decision of my life and I will never recommend it to anyone. I now just sit at my desk at work and the sweat is running down my back. I have to always wear a vest, even on casual days and being in the sun or even walking in a mall is no longer fun. I get out there as quickly as possible. My fear is someone will want to hug me which is something I never do anymore. I’m with you, surgery was the worst thing ever and I had pain afterward for two weeks so bad that I had to go for physiotherapy just to sleep at night. I’m going to try odaban now and see if that can work as so many people seem to think it does. Hope you get something that works for you some day. I don’t know if I could handle five years of this! I really feel for you. Check out odaban.com

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