Hyperhidrosis – Never Give Up – August 30th, 2008

Author: Caroline
Location: Sweden

I don’t really now when my hyperhidrosis started, all I know is that I had it when I was 11 years old. How do I know? Well I found some old diaries of mine from that time, and that’s how my story begins.

After having read the diaries, my heart was torn apart. What I had written 7 years ago was exactly how I felt for the time being. Those words of pain could have been written by me, as I sat there.

That day, I made a life decision. I was going to stop my sweating, no matter what, and so I started googling. Hours, days and weeks were spent surfing the net, looking for the ultimate cure.

Just two weeks ago I, by boredom, searched for hyperhidrosis on youtube and to my big surprise found not only this site, but also a guy who showed how to build your own iontophores machine. Since I did not like the idea of sending a current through your body, with a homemade machine, I did not build it.

The next day I was going to a doctor. Not for my hyperhidrosis, but for severe acne (yes, I have that to). At the end of my visit I forced myself to ask if there were any cure for sweaty hands. The doctor only told me about surgery and I was too embarrassed to ask any further questions. (I did not see surgery as an option.)

I went home and cried my heart out, thinking that this is what I am going to be like for the rest of my life. The next morning I woke up with eyes swollen by tears and feeling more miserable than ever!

On my bedroom door I have this poem put up, called “Can’t” by Eglar A Guest. It’s just a poem that I usually just pass in the morning, without even noticing. But somehow I did read it that morning, and it got me right back on track again.

I looked at the youtube video about the iontophores machine again, and after school I bought all the stuff necessary, put it together and plugged it in.

When writing this I have used the machine for a week and yesterday was the first day ever that my hands were dry. I even did a talk in front of my class (something that makes me very anxious) and I did not sweat!

Two weeks ago, I was ready to hand in the towel, but I kept going and now I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world 🙂

Thank you guys very much for helping me Never Give Up, and find a cure for my Hyperhidrosis.


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