I tend to be very stressed about my perspiration!! what do I do first because the doctor is like 200 miles away from where I live, do I start with the Mechanic Method right away??

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One response to “HELP!!!!!”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello, there.

    I’m happy you submitted this question about your sweating disease, because a lot of people have the same question.

    Definitely make plans to visit your doctor soon. Or next time you visit him, make sure you ask about your sweating.

    Where are you from that your doctor is 200 miles away? Is there any way you can get a closer doctor?

    If not, don’t worry. Absolutely start with Mechanic Method. I know the “Doctor” is the first step, but the only reason for that is because it’s important to find out if there’s a more serious medical condition that is causing your sweat.

    But steps 2 and 3 (Body and Mind) are easy to implement, and will go a long way to stopping your sweat. I would recommend starting with ‘Your Body’, reading all the information thoroughly, and starting your new dieting regime. From there, complete ‘Your Body’ by starting a workout regime. I’m going to be writing about working out soon. Do you live near a gym?

    After you’ve implemented step 2, and as you continue following it, start with step 3, ‘Your Mind.’ Following the instructions in step 3 is going to improve your self-esteem dramatically and make you less stressed. Doing just steps 2 and 3 will reduce your sweating dramatically after a few weeks or so.

    If you need additional help after that, move on to ‘Stackers’ and the other articles. If you haven’t yet tried one of the over-the-counter hyperhidrosis antiperspirants, give those a go also. Don’t worry, you’ll get over this.

    Thanks again for the good question, and best of luck to you. Visit again soon.


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