Getting Hyperhidrosis Surgery: A Decision That Changed My Life

Author: Kaitlin
Location: Washington, DC


After a lot of research, I got hyperhidrosis surgery. Here’s my story:

My name is Kaitlin, I am currently 16 years old, and I decided to make the risky decision to get hyperhidrosis surgery after having suffered from hyperhidrosis from age 11-15.

My sweat problem was bad, I had hyperhidrosis in my hands, my armpits, and my feet.

The hands were the worst though, I was embarrassed to shake anyone’s hand or make physical contact with anyone.

I would sweat through papers at school making them crinkle or tear. During gym I would leave puddles where i did push-ups.

The underarm sweating started when i was about 13, I started wearing sweatshirts on days it was 80 degrees outside and wore only black and white.

It was miserable, embarrassing, and ruining my life.

I tried many different treatments, like drysol and other perscription medicines, but nothing worked.

I told my parents about the hyperhidrosis surgery, but didn’t really consider it an option. However, they thought it could really change my life, so we looked into it.

The surgery involved cutting the nerves that send sweat signals to my hands, and that required collapsing my lungs as well as working close to my heart.

After a long process of doctors appointments, a cancelled surgery due to thyroid problems, I had surgery last May.

As scary as it was, I consider the surgery one of the best decisions of my life, because my hands no longer sweat. You heard correctly, never.

My underarms sweat only when i exercise, and even then it is minimal. For anyone who has the option of surgery, you aren’t too young, i would seriously consider it as an option.

I changed from being insecure in social situations to feeling confident and beautiful.



Hi Kaitlin, thanks for sharing your story! I’m really happy that you found some relief with hyperhidrosis surgery.

Couple things I wanted to address real quick:

First off, there is more than one surgery you can get. Actually there are several different types surgeries for hyperhidrosis.

And each of them has shnazzy names. And each costs a bit different, has different potential side effects and complications associated.

Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS).Also sometimes referred to as the “clamping method.” This is often the one people are referring to when they say the “hyperhidrosis surgery”. It’s also the most expensive in cost and has the highest potential for negative side effects and complications.

Retrodermal Curettage. This is a newer procedure that has fewer complications. It is usually performed exclusively for sweaty armpits and has a high success rate w/ less reported side effects.

Liposuction. This is simply sucking out some of the sweat glands in the underarm area. It is less expensive and invasive than the other surgeries. Sometimes the sweat glands regenerate themselves and the problem recurs but side effects are rare and cost is low.

Before making decisions on this, you should really learn more about it. You can see our main excessive sweating surgery page here, but you should really talk to a doctor, too.

Josh and I are NOT doctors and we don’t pretend to be. You’re responsible for doing your own research.

Best of luck to you,

Chris Mechanic

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