See Famous People Sweating — Eva Longoria

Seeing famous people sweating should make you feel a little bit better about your own sweating disease. People idolize celebrities. They want to be just like them, excess perspiration and all!

Check out Eva Longoria sweating her butt off here at the beach.
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Eva is considered one of the hottest young celebrities in Hollywood right now.

Ladies, if she has a sweating problem, you are in pretty good company.

A co-worker of mine recently informed me that “Women don’t sweat. They glisten!”

She goes on to say, “Man, I’m glistening my butt off!”

This girl that I work with definitely perspires (or glistens) more than your average woman. But the cool thing is that she’s so open about it.

She’s not embarrassed, she’s not ashamed, and she wouldn’t ever think about getting ETS surgery. She understands that sweating is just a natural thing.

And she also understands, like these famous people sweating, that excessive perspiration is somewhat taboo–it’s an existing problem that’s not openly discussed because it socially embarrassing.

So my co-worker, along with other enlightened sweating people, make light of it in a humorous way. Don’t be anxious or depressed or embarrassed about excessive sweating. After all, it’s just a little glisten!

Another point is that Eva Longoria is at the beach. It’s not particularly embarrassing to sweat at the beach. It’s hot there. Everybody’s sweating. You’re sorta’ supposed to glisten a little.

One good way to feel more comfortable with your sweating disease is to participate in activities which cause sweating.

Go out and run, jump-rope, play basketball, climb rocks, or dance. Everybody expects a little extra perspiration from athletes, so you don’t have to be ashamed of it.

Get out there and glisten!

Famous people sweating — Pink (the singer)

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