Famous People Sweating — Pink

Seeing famous people sweating somehow makes us feel better about our own sweating disease.

Famous People Sweating, Pink's Regular, Non-sweating Pic

Here’s a celebrity named Pink. She’s a singer. If you’re not familiar with her, you can check out a music video of one of her most popular songs,
“U + Ur Hand”.

Famous people sweating bullets. Here's Pink sweating her butt off!

Anyway, here’s another picture of Pink which is pretty rough. She doesn’t have her signature pink hair going on, and she’s probably seen better days.

The interesting part is her pit-stain. But notice…She’s wearing light gray. Now all excessive sweaters know that wearing light gray is the worst possible thing you could do.

This means that either

1. Pink doesn’t normally sweat excessively

2. Pink doesn’t know she has a sweating problem, or

3. Pink doesn’t care if people notice

My guess is that Pink, along with other famous people sweating, don’t really care that much about their sweating problems. Why should they? They have everything in the world going for them.

BUT, if there’s a celebrity that for some reason is self-conscious about their sweating symptoms, then their life would be a living hell. Just imagine, Paparrazi all over the place snapping pictures of your sweat and selling them for the world to scrutinize.

Being a sweaty celebrity would suck if you were insecure about it. That’s why when we talk about how to cure the sweating disease, we emphasize YOUR self-esteem a lot.

Because sweating or not, if your self-esteem is low (like, if you don’t like YOURself very much) you’re gonna’ feel like poo.

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