Even More Excessive Sweating Remedies?

“Are those all the excessive sweating remedies you got?”

…A reader recently asked me. I gotta say, I was caught off-guard. I mean, here I am, the King of how to stop excessive sweating, and a reader is asking if I’m all out of stuff.

Well let me tell you, Mr. (or Ms.), I am definitely not done. Here’s some more remedies for excessive sweating that will work if you work ’em.

Excessive Sweating Herbs. There are tons of herbs that are supposed to be helpful with everything from arthritis to bed-wetting. And there’s tons of information and websites about which are the best. It can be hard to wade through all the B-S.

There are a couple of herbs that I’ve found to be excellent excessive sweating remedies…

Home Remedies. There’s a ton of things you can do from your house to kick the sweating habit. Whether it’s making your own antiperspirant with common household agents or making your own Drionics machine, we’re gonna give you what you’re looking for.

Cost-Effective Solutions. Recently a reader told me that this site was great, but that he was broke and a lot of the solutions we recommended costed a pretty penny. That’s when we came up with this article about how to stop excessive sweating on a tight budget.

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