Excessive Sweating and Deodorite

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

I bought Deodorite tablets recently, and I was wondering, with regard to excessive sweating… After all the tablets are gone, is it still necessary to buy another bottle?

Or will one bottle sufficiently cleanse your system and help sweating and odor problems? Will your body still continue to excessively sweat after using one bottle up?

I’m pretty broke so I probably cannot purchase another bottle after I use this one up.



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One response to “Excessive Sweating and Deodorite”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Mak,

    With regard to excessive sweating and Deodorite, it is ideal to be able to buy at least a 2nd bottle after the first is finished. But, in many cases it’s not necessary. The effectiveness of most natural products like that become higher as you’re using it for longer. If you check out the section on herbal remedies for excessive sweating, you’ll learn a little more about herbs.

    But if you’re not able to get any more Deodorite for the sweating, read through that whole section that I just referred you to, and think about picking up some Sage to start treating your excessive sweating. It’s much cheaper than Deodorite and will probably work pretty well for you.

    Another thing that makes a big difference with regard to sweating and herbal remedies is the other stuff that you’re doing. I.e. Are you exercising frequently, or being a couch potato? Are you eating cleanly, or being the Cookie Monster? Are you relaxing, meditating, doing Yoga, or are you just watching TV all day?

    Though it may not seem like it, these little things add up to have a big effect on your sweating disease. Hope this helps. Good luck.


    Chris Mechanic

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