Embarrassing Excessive Sweating Moment At Church!

Author: Jeanne Edouard
Location: Florida

I have lots of stories to share about excessive sweating. It’s totally unfair that we have to deal with this stupid sweating disease, but anyway…

One day I was in church for the countdown to New Years and I was wearing a new shirt which I didn’t think was vulnerable to pit-stains..But guess what? It was!

To make matters worse, when we had to join hands for prayer, the little kid I was holding hands with blurted out, “Your hands are wet!” (extra-loud, of course) and I had to ignore him because he was only about 7. He didn’t really know much better.

Once the hand-holding was over, people would give hugs before eating. I got so many hugs and was SOOOO embarrassed because the sweat was clearly showing! I mean, I was literally almost drenched with excessive sweating.

I felt like crap afterwards. I mean, I could only imagine what those people were thinking about while they were huggin me and I was all sweaty.

This was the most embarrassing excessive sweating moment for me. Nothing can top that night..Ever! =<

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