Embarrasing Sweat Armpits, Face, Hands, Feet

Author: MaryKate
Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Im only 13 years old and I’ve been suffering from Hyperhidrosis since i was about 7.

Right now it’s the worse It’s ever been. I can’t handle it at school anymore. I sweat in my armpits,hands, and feet. The funny thing is it doesn’t smell untill later that day.

I always have extra clothes with me: shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and i have to bring something to always wipe my hands with. I tried to hide it but it’s so hard.

I can barley wear the cute hollister/abercrombie shirts because i sweat right through them. In the summer It’s hard to wear flipflops because my feet get soaked with sweat.

I wear white for the most part to try and hide it. I sweat for no reason, even if I’m just watching tv or eating dinner.

At school my hands drip sweat and everyone knows it in school i can clap and sweat shots out like i just washed them and didn’t dry them, it’s really embaressing and my papers get wet and sometimes it sticks to me hands.

When we go to church no one wants to sit by me because of the sign of peace and they don’t want to shake my hand.

I get embaressed when i go out and i have BIG pit stains almost down to my hips. and when i can’t even walk because I’m slipping out of my shoes, and I can’t even get a high five my hands are so bad.

We’ve asked my doctor numerous times and they just keep giving me different percriptions, none of them worked.

I’ve looked online alot to try and find a cure naturally but nothing will work. My doctor said the only thing left is surgery to get my nerves removed but, my mom won’t let me do it this young but i don’t care what it takes i just want to be sweat-free.

And sometimes the more i think about it or look at my hands or feet the more i seem to sweat and my armpits sweat 24/7 even in my sleep. I’m hoping this ByeBye sweating will help.

Your story relates to mine in a way i get all nervous when i have to take off my jacket when i have pit stains, then they get worse and when i stand close to someone i feel akward and can’t stop thinking about if they can see / smell it.

And in school i keep my arms at my side so no one notices it as much. I hope i can cure it in a natural way.

Response from Chris

Hi Mary Kate, I’m very sorry to hear your story. But I think there are natural ways you can stop the sweat. I’ve written about the best ways to do it on a bunch of articles throughout the site. Please read some more here.

Since we started researching and writing we’ve been compiling everything into a complete system. We are almost done with it. You can get a free report here.

Have you ever tried sage tea for sweating? That can be really effective.

Also, tell me about your experience w/ Drysol and some of those other prescriptions


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  1. Angie says:

    i am 27 years old and i have been sweating since 5 grade. parents threw away lots of money on cleaners and dark dresses.

    it is really out of control. i sweat under my armpits badly. i don’t know what to do anymore.

    i sweat thur anything even leather jackets.

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