Drysol Question From Anonymous


That stuff Drysol, if i was to use it without going to a doctor, would that be bad?

And it works by blocking your sweat-glands, right? Isn’t it bad to block your sweat glands? Isnt your body suppose to sweat?


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One response to “Drysol Question From Anonymous”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello there,

    Good question, I’m sure others are wondering this same thing about Drysol.

    Using Drysol without first going to the doctor is generally not a good idea. The reason it’s important to see a doctor about excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis is because it could be caused by a more serious condition. Also, if they do give you Drysol, it comes in different concentrations. If you buy it on your own, you may not get the appropriate concentration. Plus, a doctor will monitor your reaction and be able to give you other things to try in case Drysol doesn’t work for you.

    With regard to Drysol being bad for you, the jury is still sorta out on that one. It contains an aluminum compound as it’s active ingredient, which, as you know, blocks up the sweat glands. Whether or not this is bad for you is still up for debate. Nobody knows for sure. But a lot of people speculate that it is bad for you, because aluminum is a heavy metal, and putting a heavy metal into your body probably doesn’t have much health benefit.

    It’s tricky, though, because Drysol does work for a lot of people. I would recommend definitely seeing a doctor before trying it.


    Chris Mechanic

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