Clothing Odors

Author: Laverna Brown

Body odor lingers in clothing!

I dont care what i use to try and prevent it — baking soda, salt, vinegar, lysol spray listererine, super washing soda, or other products I’ve purchased online, NOTHING seems to remove the lingering odor of body odor from my clothes.

Is there anything out there that really works in dry cleaning material as well as washable?

I am in dire need of a soution for this body odor. I am still afraid to lift my arms in addition too being labelled as the “stinky woman” in the 10 story building that i work in.

Is there anything out there that works to get odors out of clothing once and for all?

Laverna Brown

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2 responses to “Clothing Odors”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should try Margarite pill. I get them from a website called

    Also it may sound strange but rubbing a natural toothpaste under my arms help along with the herbs. It is called Thieves Dentarome plus and can be found at

    These are natural products. I suffer too from this for years and tried everything. I hope this works for you!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the odor is in your clothes that badly, I would throw them out and would never wash them again together with clothes that haven’t gone so south yet.

    I think such lingering odors are oil based (just my guess though) and therefore will not wash out so easily. Also make sure not to cook fried foods in such clothing that you care so much for as oil of some sort will splash (yep, even thousands of tiny amounts that you don’t see) on what you’re wearing and eventually turn them into “restaurant” clothes — or turn them into clothing with a smell that will never go away.

    Finally, wear as many white undershirts as possible as a barrier since bleach will pretty much pulverize all causes of odors!

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